Moya – The Air We Breathe

Performed by: Jungle Theatre Company

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Moya is a young rising soccer star, his goal scoring record has made him a hero in his township. He has an asthma attack during training and ends up in hospital, where Moya has a nightmare about a Death Monster who feeds on smoke and pollution. Unable to play soccer, Moya is dropped from his team and loses the affections of his bling-bling girlfriend. Determined to find out the causes of his misfortune, Moya embarks on a journey of discovery into the causes of air pollution and the threat of climate change. He finds ways to heal himself and his environment and destroys the Death Monster.

Moya meets different characters who give him advice and information. He confronts industrial giants and meets the municipal air quality management team and finds out about local by-laws. With a new outlook on life he finds a new sustainable lifestyle.

Moya – The Air We Breathe is 45 minutes in duration and is suitable for Grades 8-12. An accompanying drama skills workshop of 45 minutes is also available.

“Learners often take in a lot more information when material is presented dramatically and/or is multisensory. Use of drama in education is an excellent way to make important points, especially about social and environmental issues. We need more of this sort of input in schools.” Muizenberg High

Moya – The Air We Breathe was developed for a high school audience for the City of Cape Town’s Environmental Resource Management Department and was performed at 10 high schools for Air Quality Week in February 2008. Provincial Department of Environmental Affairs and Development Planning commissioned a reduced version for their 2 Precious 2 Pollute Campaign in 2010.

Currently starring:
Unathi Speelman, Nelson Chileshe Musonda, Mfundo Hashe and Ntombifuthi Mkhasibe.


45 minutes
Recommended Age:
No min or max grade set
Recommended Grade:
Grade 7 – Grade 11
English (first language) / Xhosa (second language)
Curriculum Connection:
Creative Arts, Home/Additional Language, Life Orientation/Life Skills, Mathematics and Mathematical Literacy, Music, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences
Themes Covered:
Change, Choices, Climate Change, Creativity, Cultural diversity, Discrimination, Environmental awareness, Family dynamics, Group dynamics (peer pressure), Heroes, Illness and Disease, Imagination, Life skills, Literacy, Morality, Numeracy, Poverty, Prejudice, Self-image, Survival