Generously supported by the National Lotteries Commission, Well Worn Theatre Company proudly present their latest production for young audiences. ‘Galela‘ is a thirst-quenching new play about a community deeply affected by our country´s water issues.

Splash! Splutter! Then shhhhhh… Only ripples left. Would you dive in next?

Three best friends bravely embark on a project to make their town´s drinking water safe again. They soon discover, however, that they have waded into hot water and that the problems affecting the town dam are deeper and murkier than at first glance. Still determined to make a difference and to secure the future of their friends and family, the trio dive in to fix the mess, proving in spectacular fashion that children with the biggest imaginations will save the world.

Nationally acclaimed eco-education company, Well Worn Theatre, proudly present the latest production in their three-year touring play programme generously funded by the National Lotteries Commission. ´Galela´ is the thirst-quenching story of a small community deeply affected by our country’s water issues. Directed by multi-award winning Thembela Madliki (‘Nyanga’ NAF 2016 and ‘Bayephi’ NAF 2017), ‘Galela’ features the energetic physical theatre talents of Lerato Sefoloshe, Mlindeli Emmanuel and Tebogo Machaba, and is geared for children aged 7 to 12, though parents, teachers and older siblings will also enjoy this epic adventure play!

An IsiXhosa name meaning ‘pour’, ‘Galela’ is the thirst-quenching story of a small community deeply affected by drought. The show dives head first into the deep end of the serious water issues affecting our country, and though geared for children aged 7 to 12, this epic adventure play will whet all peoples creative appetites, and also refresh or fill ALL South Africans with some much needed, every day, water-saving tips. ‘Galela’ premieres at the 2018 National Arts Festival followed by a tour to primary schools and festivals across South Africa, in the aim to entertain, educate, and imaginatively engage learners and audiences about issues of drought, water consumption and water pollution.

To book a performance of ´Galela´for your school, organisation or event, please email or call Kyla on 0767152414

Poster Image by Ellen Heydenrych (Hey_Ellen Illustrations)

Londoloza is a South African childrens’ play that tackles nature and water conservation. The show is an awareness of how can save water, use it in a responsible manner and the show also looks at the various things that effect our environment such as littering and pollution. All of which are linked to wasting and polluting water. The show is comprised of 4 actors, who use dance, singing and puppetry in order to get the narrative across. The show encourages recycling and informs its audience on the various methods there are to recycle or re-use items instead of littering or throwing them away. Thabo and Namhla are childhood friends who love their community and find various ways of saving water and taking care of the environment. Mabutho and Makapisi are the community rebel children who do not care about preserving water and the environment. They are rude and bully Thabo and Namhla every time they try to do something good for their community. It is not until Mabutho and Makapisi ruin the whole environment and wastes all the community’s water, that they get a wakeup call and finally turn their lives around after seeing the effects of not taking care of their environment and water. This show is highly interactive and allows the children to be part of the story so that they are actively involved in the development of the story. The cast will ask the audience questions and at various intervals ask some of the audience to come up on stage to help the characters in the show with whatever they need at the time. This show will run for 30 minutes and at the end the cast as well as the audience (teachers are also welcome)will have a brief questions and answers session after the show to unpack some of the things that came up in the play.

Creating a visual experience using CREATIVE ARTS and MAGIC to show easy examples of how to re-duce, re-use and up-cycle with objects found in the house. In doing that, the students will understand what these concepts are and why they are important. Using STORYTELLING AND  by giving them each materials that they can DESIGN  into an up-cycled creative art at home themselves, creates a full rounded and internal experience to inspire them to care for the earth.


About the Director:

Studying performing arts and teaching in drama at the Waterfront Theatre College, she taught drama at the Stellenbosch Waldorf School for 3 years and in 2016 she was a part of a programme called ‘Miss Earth South Africa’ and became one of 16 National finalists. At the end of the year she wrote a play called “The Recycling adventures of Reece”. A play that aims to inspire children and up lift them through storytelling and teaches them about taking care of the earth.

of students:   100
Price includes
(For each student): Materials to create an up-cycled design for themselves.  (There are options and depends on what each school prefers.)
Production runs once a year during the months of May and June.
 Vision statement: 
To create a sustainable difference and educate our children through storytelling, inspiring them to care for the earth so that they can have a greener future. 

Icky Plasticky is building a huge island in the middle of the ocean. The more plastic he finds in the sea and on the beach, the bigger he gets. If he can an accomplice, the quicker his island will become bigger than the entire ocean. Maybe he can convince Zoe, the singing fish, to help him. She is a big fan of The Voice, and Icky Plastic is very good at imitating people… But what will happen to Zoe’s friend, Popper the penguin, and Miss Octopus, if the sea is full of plastic?

Fifi die Vleipadda en Pollie Palmiet woon in die Vleiland, maar hulle is bekommerd, want Boeboes die Breker het ‘n nare plan. Hy gee vir niks en niemand om, behalwe vir sy eie plesier nie. Sy nuutste gier is om ‘n motorfietsbaan te bou, regdeur die Vleiland! Miskien kan Fifi en Pollie hom keer as hy kan verstaan hoekom die vleiland belangrik is. Of dalk is al wat hom kan keer sy vrees vir paddas.

This performance deals with global warming as a cause of climate change. The presentation is interactive, entertaining, fun-filled and suitable for children, teenagers and adults. It integrates creative dance, song and dramatisation, which seeks to “edutain” and makes information about global warming accessible and easy to understand. Research has shown that using innovative teaching tools, means that learners are more likely to remember and internalise the subject matter.

The presentation explores the causes, effects and solutions or ways of minimising global warming, in order to save our tomorrow. It will educate people about the role they can play in saving our planet. The presentation also shows how each person can help through changing everyday habits which contribute to Global Warming.

The presentation is a clarion call to every individual to save tomorrow.

An environmental theatre production which deals with the issues of global warming

THE WALKING TALL EDUCATIONAL THEATRE PROJECT – produced by (PAST) The Palaeontological Scientific Trust – a Johannesburg based public benefit organisation that since 1994 has been dedicated to the mission of protecting, preserving and promoting Africa’s ancient cultural and natural heritage.

Our production is a physical theatre production performed country wide and increasingly in the rest of Africa.

Walking Tall inspires learners to recognise, understand and value their African heritage by using physical theatre to ignite an interest in the origin sciences. Using performing arts to teach science is the perfect way to spark curiosity in learners and demonstrate that science is fun.

Walking Tall is an interactive educational theatre project that teaches learners the story of life on earth from its early beginnings to the present day – using physical theatre to cut across language and cultural barriers, and to explore complex subjects like human evolution and the origin sciences.

The Walking Tall project was launched by PAST in 2002 as a way to inform learners about Africa’s rich fossil heritage, and to establish origin sciences as an exciting career choice for young Africans. Africa boasts many of the world’s most important fossil finds of human ancestors and more ancient organisms, yet relatively few African scientists currently work in this specialised field.

Over the past decade, Walking Tall has performed to over 1 million learners around the world and worked with thousands of educators – helping them integrate scientific ideas into everyday classroom teaching and introducing learners to interesting career options in the field of origin sciences. Performances are followed by question-and-answer sessions, and teachers are provided with curriculum-based resources. Walking Tall also offers origin sciences workshops for educators. PAST monitors the educational impact of the Walking Tall project through a stringent learner and educator evaluation process under the management of its Chief Educational and Scientific Strategist.

Walking Tall is co-directed by Greg Melvill-Smith and Craig Morris, and is performed by three physical theatre performers, the current team leader is Buntu Tembani.

In 2011 the Walking Tall project expanded to include ReVerse, a theatre offering aimed at adult audiences. Please see the PAST website for more information on ReVerse.

Take the Walking Tall Journey

Should you wish to find out more about booking Walking Tall or ReVerse please contact:

PAST’s Executive Assistant Ann Smilkstein at or +27 11 717 6668 / +27 11 717 6689.