Dude! Wa’s My Phone?

Performed by: Vulture Productions

Director: Jeremeo Le Cordeur

Playwright: Jeremeo Le Cordeur

“Dude! Wa’s My Phone?” is designed for high school students from Grade 10 to Grade 12 who are enrolled in Dramatic Arts. This age group is our main target audience, given the themes’ relatability, the cultural insights it offers, and its ability to captivate and educate a demographic highly connected to the challenges and opportunities associated with digital technology.

The play provides valuable insights and raises awareness about the consequences of smartphone addiction. Our interactive story creates an environment where young audiences are more receptive to messages encouraging a healthier balance between online and offline life.

“Dude! Wa’s My Phone?” utilizes humour, drama, and relatable situations to engage learners in a contemplative exploration of the role of technology in our lives. It delves into its impact on relationships, social consciousness, and the intricacies and absurdities that arise in the digital age. The production addresses the contemporary issue of smartphone addiction, examining the following themes:


  • Addiction and Dependence on Technology

  • Friendship and Connection

  • The Intersection of Comedy and Tragedy

  • Identity and Sense of Self

  • Spark Dialogue and Reflection


60 Min
Recommended Age:
14 years – Adult
Recommended Grade:
Grade 9 – Grade 12
Afrikaans (first language) / Afrikaans (second language) / English (Additional Language/s)
Curriculum Connection:
Computer Applications Technology, Creative Arts, Design, Dramatic Arts, Electrical Technology, Home/Additional Language, Life Orientation/Life Skills, Music, Visual Arts
Themes Covered:
Body awareness, Change, Creativity, Fate/Free Will, Group dynamics (peer pressure), Identity, Imagination, Intra/interpersonal conflicts, Life skills, Relationships, Self-image, Substance abuse

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