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THE WALKING TALL EDUCATIONAL THEATRE PROJECT – produced by (PAST) The Palaeontological Scientific Trust – a Johannesburg based public benefit organisation that since 1994 has been dedicated to the mission of protecting, preserving and promoting Africa’s ancient cultural and natural heritage.

Our production is a physical theatre production performed country wide and increasingly in the rest of Africa.

Walking Tall inspires learners to recognise, understand and value their African heritage by using physical theatre to ignite an interest in the origin sciences. Using performing arts to teach science is the perfect way to spark curiosity in learners and demonstrate that science is fun.

Walking Tall is an interactive educational theatre project that teaches learners the story of life on earth from its early beginnings to the present day – using physical theatre to cut across language and cultural barriers, and to explore complex subjects like human evolution and the origin sciences.

The Walking Tall project was launched by PAST in 2002 as a way to inform learners about Africa’s rich fossil heritage, and to establish origin sciences as an exciting career choice for young Africans. Africa boasts many of the world’s most important fossil finds of human ancestors and more ancient organisms, yet relatively few African scientists currently work in this specialised field.

Over the past decade, Walking Tall has performed to over 1 million learners around the world and worked with thousands of educators – helping them integrate scientific ideas into everyday classroom teaching and introducing learners to interesting career options in the field of origin sciences. Performances are followed by question-and-answer sessions, and teachers are provided with curriculum-based resources. Walking Tall also offers origin sciences workshops for educators. PAST monitors the educational impact of the Walking Tall project through a stringent learner and educator evaluation process under the management of its Chief Educational and Scientific Strategist.

Walking Tall is co-directed by Greg Melvill-Smith and Craig Morris, and is performed by three physical theatre performers, the current team leader is Buntu Tembani.

In 2011 the Walking Tall project expanded to include ReVerse, a theatre offering aimed at adult audiences. Please see the PAST website for more information on ReVerse.

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Should you wish to find out more about booking Walking Tall or ReVerse please contact:

PAST’s Executive Assistant Ann Smilkstein at ann@nullpastafrica.co.za or +27 11 717 6668 / +27 11 717 6689.


60 to 75 minutes
Recommended Age:
No min or max grade set
Recommended Grade:
Grade 8+ No max grade set
English (first language) No second language listed.
Curriculum Connection:
Creative Arts, Dramatic Arts, History, Life Sciences, Natural Sciences, Physical Sciences, Social Sciences
Themes Covered:
Change, Choices, Climate Change, Creativity, Cultural diversity, Environmental awareness, Identity, Imagination, Life skills, Other, Prejudice, Survival