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Performed by Jungle Theatre Company

Note: This production is no longer being performed.

A girl discovers a world under the sea: Riding on the spotty whale shark, chatting with the clever hammer head and singing with the colourful cat shark. Danger lurks around every corner and she learns some secrets of the deep.

Partly based on Lesley Rochat’s ‘Sue Finds Happy Eddie the Shy Shark’, Shark Dreams tells a local tale about a girl whose love for the sea takes her on a magical shark adventure. Shark Dreams showcases the many different types of sharks and educates young people about ocean and beach safety including: the role of the shark spotters in protecting beach goers; the meaning of the flags on the beaches; critical safety tips when swimming and using the beach. The play creates understanding and awareness about the important role sharks play in marine ecosystems and the food chain and dispels myths created through misinformation and hearsay.

Shark Dreams is 45 minutes in duration and is suitable for Grades 4-9

“Exquisite costumes and brilliant acting skills.” Strand Moslem School

Shark Dreams was created in 2009 in conjunction with the Save Our Seas Shark Centre for City of Cape Town’s Environmental Resource Management Department’s Youth Environmental Schools (YES) programme. Shark Dreams was rolled out as an outreach programme to schools in Cape Town’s south peninsula; performed for World Environment Week and Marine Week in 2009 as well as the Blue Flag Beach campaign in 2010. The AfriOceans Conservation Alliance has also provided funding for community and schools outreach performances. Shark Dreams has also been performed at the Marine and Coastal Educators Network conferences where it has received a standing ovation.

Currently starring:
Nimray Kruger, Unathi Speelman, Simric Yarrow and Vincent Meyburgh.

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