Performed by: Mowa Art Fields

No director listed

No playwright listed

Molalatladi is chosen by his villagers to be the new leader of the village after defeating the Ogres that terrorized and oppressed them for years. He wants to lead his village and create a better life for them but Ogres plant a seed of greed in his head. This leads to his downfall.


50 minutes
Recommended Age:
12 years – 18 years
Recommended Grade:
Grade 7 – Grade 12
English (first language) No second language listed.
Curriculum Connection:
Creative Arts, Dramatic Arts, History, Life Orientation/Life Skills, Music, Social Sciences
Themes Covered:
Abuse, Change, Choices, Creativity, Heroes, Imagination, Intra/interpersonal conflicts, Life skills, Morality, National/global conflicts, Poverty, Survival, Violence