Performed by: Lunchbox Theatre

No director listed

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A story of loss, love and hope. A young girl is missing. A distraught mother searches for her and the brother is locked in the house to keep him safe. The community rallies together and the hilarious neighbour joins the search.

This show is dedicated to all the missing children in our country.


45 minutes
Recommended Age:
1 year – Adult
Recommended Grade:
No min or max grade set
English (first language) / Xhosa (second language)
Curriculum Connection:
Creative Arts, Dramatic Arts, Life Orientation/Life Skills
Themes Covered:
Abuse, Choices, Family dynamics, Imagination, Life skills, Loss

Audience Comments

“Entertaining and thought provoking” – Audience member (aged 50+) from National Arts Festival 2018

“I love the message and think it’s important for young and old audiences. We honestly need to spread all of these stories. Thank you to the cast” – Audience member (aged 31-50) from National Arts Festival 2018

“It was really a beautful narrative that was performed really well and the use of the music was phenomenal.” – Audience member (aged 16-20) from National Arts Festival 2018

“It was emotionally fulfilling and I learnt not to talk to strangers.” Audience member (aged 5-10) from National Arts Festival 2018

“Loved the show Entertaining and educational. Well done. Great work.” – Audience member (aged 31-50) from National Arts Festival 2018

“BRILLIANT and thank you for opening up a much needed discussion with our innocent children who think the world is beautiful and parents are liars” – Vinthi Neufeld – Social News Exchange

“A moving yet at times funny play about an important issue.”- Svenja Gernand, Parent

“Amazing, I don’t remember wanting to laugh and cry at the same time” – . Jonica Gubula, Parent


Festivals attended: South African National Arts Festival 2018