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Lunchbox Theatre

Lunchbox Theatre is a diverse, dynamic and creative team working together to achieve our vision of a more socially and environmentally conscious society in which people fulfill their creative potential and live in greater harmony with each other and the natural environment.

The organization was launched on the Garden Route in January 2008, with our Chairperson and founder, Stuart Palmer, bringing over 10 years of professional theatre experience into the creation of the organization. Lunchbox Theatre is a fully registered Non-Profit Organization and we work with a three tier focus.

Our primary focus is that of school based education theatre shows.  Theatre as a medium is highly engaging and the live aspect allows the audience to connect more directly with performers.  Our use of interesting and relevant characters makes it easy for learners to identify with them. The story telling allows for the information to be contextualized and for the audience to become practically involved with the information.

Lunchbox Theatre uses a dynamic blend of theatre tools to create engaging, interactive, entertaining and informative shows that raise awareness around relevant environmental and social issues. We make use of English, Afrikaans and isiXhosa to make the information accessible to all.

Our secondary focus is on skills development and job creation for South Africa’s underprivileged youth with our aim being to unearth local artists and performers and lead them through development opportunities that will be beneficial to their careers.  It also includes actor training programs that bring local adults on board as Lunchbox Theatre actors who are cast in our educational theatre shows as well as trained in stage management, project management, script writing and directing.

Our third tier looks at workshops which focus on theatre skill development at schools and for adults and carry themes such as Performance, Dance, Music and Rhythm and Parade.  All workshops use minimal resources and rely heavily on recyclable goods.  We are passionate about working closely with other organizations and working together to advance the aims and objectives of these organizations.

For more information please visit our website or contact us directly.  You can also follow our latest movements on facebook and twitter.

Based in:

Plettenberg Bay (Western Cape)

Has no online offerings at the moment.

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Contact Name(s):

Stuart Palmer


083 423 0083



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Physical address:

Finest Kind Farm, Plettenberg Bay

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P.O. Box 443,
Plettenberg Bay,

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