Vinnie From Zok

Performed by: Jungle Theatre Company

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A hilarious one man show that gets the audience involved every step of the way. Vinnie is from planet Zok and needs help to get back home. He gets the children to help him to juggle, make music and ride a one wheel bike. Vinnie learns so much about planet Earth, in the end he wants to stay.

Vinnie comes down to earth to share his magic and to learn about different cultures. The show uses innovative puppetry, unique juggling tricks, original music, physical comedy and audience participation to entertain, inspire and enlighten earthlings. Vinnie From Zok encourages people to take part in the show and learn about different levels of communication in a multi-cultural society. Learning about different cultures is fun! It also inspires them to learn the different skills that Vinnie uses in his show including juggling and drumming.

Vinnie From Zok is 45 minutes long and suitable for Grades R-3

The one-man show Vinnie from Zok was created and performed in 2000, thanks to funding from the Consulate General Netherlands. It was performed all over Cape Town metropolitan area and received a great response from audiences in Gugulethu, Khayelitsha and Langa. The play was also taken to audiences in the Netherlands and has most recently been performed at the Muizenberg Community Festival, Synergy School, Soetwater Environmental Education Centre, Planet Kids and Red Cross Children’s Hospital.


Vincent Meyburgh


45 minutes
Recommended Age:
No min or max grade set
Recommended Grade:
Grade R – Grade 3
English (first language) / Xhosa (second language)
Curriculum Connection:
Creative Arts, Life Orientation/Life Skills
Themes Covered:
Choices, Creativity, Cultural diversity, Environmental awareness, Fate/Free Will, Group dynamics (peer pressure), Identity, Imagination, Life skills, Literacy, Prejudice, Relationships, Self-image, Tolerance

Audience Comments

It was fantastic. The children loved it, Vinnie was great. – Synergy School


Festivals attended: Muizenberg Community Festival
Schools that have seen this: Synergy School, Soetwater Environmental Education Centre, Red Cross Children’s Hospital