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Performed by Danieyella Rodin

Playwright: Danieyella Rodin // Director: Tamara Guhrs

Night/Light is about Her – armed with a box of matches to soften the evening shadows, some wise words dancing around her head and a voice that is dying to escape her lips – finding her way alone in the dark. Are the shadows really as dark as they first appear?

Night/Light is a multi-disciplinary music theatre experience for 9-11 year olds which explores the dark side of light and the light side of dark through music, shadows, live action and video footage. Created in partnership with the Goethe-Institut South Africa as part of the Goethe-Institut Project Space (GPS)and The Hillbrow Theatre, Night/Light is presented by Blank Canvas Kollective (performer Danieyella Rodin and multi-instrumentalist David Cornwell) and directed by Tamara Guhrs. Night/Light follows one character, Her, as she learn to overcome fear, discomfort and change by finding a glimmer of light in the darkest of spaces.

Duration: 40 minutes + 40 minute workshop

Age Range: 9 years - 11 years

Grades: Grade 4 - Grade 6

Language(s): , English/Sesotho/Sepedi (speak to us about translating it into the dominant language of your area - this is very doable).

Curriculum Connection: , , , ,

Themes covered: , ,

Technical Requirements:

1. Electricity for lights/sound/projector.
2. Space that can be blacked out.
3. Room large enough for set build (3m(l) X 3m(w) X 2m(h).
4. Space for projector (in audience). I.e. enough distance from the set that the image can be displayed on the built set.
5. Projector (possibly)

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