The Last Drop

Performed by: Lunchbox Theatre

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If you are reading this message, you are obviously aware that water conservation is a crucial issue in our county?  However, did you know that through our Last Drop Show we have proved that we can change learner’s behaviour so that nearly 50% of the water your school currently uses can be saved?

Watch this video to get an idea of the power of The Last Drop  …

With a Grant in Aid the Knysna Municipality engaged Lunchbox Theatre to bring their educational theatre shows to Knysna schools. And so, an exciting inter-school Water Wise Competition was launched.

Saving water was encouraged through The Last Drop, a fun and educational live theatre show followed by a Water Heroes Workshop to entrench the message and new behaviours.

The competition included Plettenberg Bay Primary and Formosa from the Bitou Municipality and Hornlee Primary from Knysna. The Bitou shows were funded through a crowdfunding campaign supported by the Department of Arts and Culture.

Water readings were taken at each school before the show and 3 times thereafter. Hornlee Primary School reduced their usage by 52.7% from May to June 2016 and won the title of the Water Wise School of the Year in Knysna. The winners certificate were handed over to teachers and kids at the school on 25th August.

Our story starts in the year 2060 and we have just found the last drop of fresh water.

There are no more trees, no fruit or vegetables, we can no longer build houses and everyone is suffering. Something must be done!!

Join Neptune and his younger brother Triton as they try to save us all from this terrible drought. They are joined by the mad professor and the villain Davy Jones on a fun, interactive and informative journey through time searching for ways to put an end to the problems so we can save our future.

This program includes a 30-minute theatre show followed by a 30-minute interactive theatre workshop. The workshop acts a reminder of the themes raised in the show. It offers the learners an opportunity to come onto stage and enact various scenarios that are relevant to water conservation.


30 minutes + 30 minute workshop
Recommended Age:
No min or max grade set
Recommended Grade:
No min or max grade set
English (first language) / Afrikaans (second language)
Curriculum Connection:
Home/Additional Language, Life Orientation/Life Skills, Natural Sciences
Themes Covered:
Choices, Climate Change, Creativity, Environmental awareness, Fate/Free Will, Imagination, Life skills, National/global conflicts, Other, Self-efficacy

Audience Comments

Children believe in what they see which makes a live show so interesting. The message was loud and clear and even I realised that water is very precious and should be appreciated and not wasted. The live action and performance was very good. I will use this information in our classroom. Most importantly, the children were shown how to save water. – Daniswa Blouw, Gelvandale Primary School, Port Elizabeth

Our learners face these challenges every day and need to be made more aware of how to save water in this fun and interactive way. They really enjoyed the songs, dance, facts, information and posters. – Greg McCullum - Sanctor Primary, Eastern Cape

Drama worked really well as the learners enjoyed themselves, sang along and answered the questions which taught them about new ways to save water.  The consequences of saving water was brought home to them and they will take those messages home and help to spread the message about new ways to save water. – Merle Hiles - Parkside Primary, Port Elizabeth

This lively and interactive experience for our 800 learners was entertaining and informative. I suspect that this exciting way to bring awareness of a very relevant ‘hot topic’ will open up discusssions in the classroom after Assembly. The actors were so funny and the learners just loved ‘the toilet’.  It was entertaining from start to finish.  Given the drought we are currently experiencing, this is a theme that should be constantly incorporated into all learning areas. Lunchbox Theatre did well with humour that appealed to a wide range of learners … from Grade 1 to 7!!  Live theatre is a very effective way of communicating important info and inspiring change which is far more beneficial than the standard ‘lecture style’ talk.  Well done!. – Lindsay Pearson, Grey Junior, Port Elizabeth

The interactive song, dance and clear diction created awareness of our precious resource, water and the need to conserve it. The pupils “loved it”, especially the singing, dancing, reinforcement and time tracking. All grades will be able to use the messages as it is part of the education Curriculum. Pupils could identify with the strong, well presented show. Thanks to the Nelson Mandela Municipality for making this live theatre education possible. – Alan Lones - Clarendon Primary

The learners enjoyed The Last Drop Show and the message was more understandable because of the role plays displayed by the excellent actors. It was a very good tool to carry the message.  The knowledge imparted was understandable and interesting.”  Thanks to the Nelson Mandela Municipality 450 learners and teachers from Grade 4 to 7 benefitted and will take the message home to their families. – Tyrone Johannes -Bayview Primary School

The children liked the costumes, acting and music, they laughed a lot and could understand the languages. It was an enjoyable way to learn about conserving water. Thanks to the Nelson Mandela Municipality for making the staging of The Last Drop possible. – Lloyd Jordan - Republiek School


Festivals attended: Family Fest Plett
Schools that have seen this: Akkerboom , Avontuur, Alex Jayiya , Amalienstein , Amayengu, B.F Ooshtuizen , Bayview , Brackenhill , Chris Nissen, Clarendon , Clarkson , CN Kruisrivier , CN Panorama , CN Voorwaarts , Conville , Crags , Daleview (Baviaans) , Dalrose , Daniels , Dankoord , Despatch , Dieprivier, Dirk Boshoff , Dumani , Dysselsdorp , Elmor (Baviaans), Formosa , Fraaisig , Gamka - Oos , Gelvandale , Greenwoord , Grey Junior , Haarlem , Harkeville, Herald , Hildedal Primary, Holy Cross , Hornlee , Ilinge , J.N Tulwana , James Ndulehle , Karatara , Khulile , Knysna , Kommandantsdrif , Kranshoek, Lemoenshoek , Little Flower , Malabar , Mboniselo , Montessori , Mqhoyi , Mzimhlophe , Nomathamsouqi , Oakhill , Ongelegen, Pacalsdorp, Parkside , Phakamile , Phakamisani , Piet Retief , PJ Bardenhorst , Plett , R.H Godlo , Rapheli , Republiek , Rheenendal , Rondevlei , Sacred Heart Primary , Sanctor , Sedgefield , Seyisi , St Konrad , Sunridge , Tembolitsha, Tom Kasibo (Baviaans) , Touwsranten , Triomf , Uniondale High , Van Reede , Victoria Park Grey, Vleisplaas , Volmoed , Weltevrede , Wesbank , Willowmore , Wittedrift , Woodlands , Zoar