Kings, Queens and Chaos

Performed by: Naane le Moya

No director listed

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The show looks at the never ending battle between the queens wives, the disruptive lack of modesty in the laymen, the bad luck that seems to follow the heir and the laughable bad decisions made by the king’s close friends. This seeks to show the similarities between the king and queens and the so called commoner, the most evident similarity being the chaos that comes with the every day life. So maybe we are all kings and queens with our portion of chaos?

The traditional African stories are told using physical and vocal gestures to elevate and honor the ancient art of oral tradition. The storyteller, the bare stage and the graceful gestures will take audiences on imaginative trips across the African continent, moving from Nigeria to Lesotho and every place in between.


30 - 40 minutes
Recommended Age:
5 years – 13 years
Recommended Grade:
Grade R – Grade 7
English (first language) / Zulu (second language) / (Additional Language/s)
Curriculum Connection:
Creative Arts, Dramatic Arts, History, Social Sciences
Themes Covered:
Cultural diversity, Family dynamics, Morality, Relationships


Festivals attended: ASSITEJ Vrygrond Family Festival, Bridge Books