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Performed by Story Team

Playwright: Celeste Loriston // Director: Celeste Loriston

Icky Plasticky is building a huge island in the middle of the ocean. The more plastic he finds in the sea and on the beach, the bigger he gets. If he can an accomplice, the quicker his island will become bigger than the entire ocean. Maybe he can convince Zoe, the singing fish, to help him. She is a big fan of The Voice, and Icky Plastic is very good at imitating people… But what will happen to Zoe’s friend, Popper the penguin, and Miss Octopus, if the sea is full of plastic?

Duration: 40 minutes

Age Range: 3 years - 8 years

Grades: Grade R - Grade 2

Language(s): Afrikaans, English, English and Afrikaans

Curriculum Connection: , , , , , ,

Themes covered: , , , ,

Technical Requirements:

Electricity for sound equipment.

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