Global Warming – Edudance Performance

Performed by: Moving into Dance Mophatong

No director listed

No playwright listed

This performance deals with global warming as a cause of climate change. The presentation is interactive, entertaining, fun-filled and suitable for children, teenagers and adults. It integrates creative dance, song and dramatisation, which seeks to “edutain” and makes information about global warming accessible and easy to understand. Research has shown that using innovative teaching tools, means that learners are more likely to remember and internalise the subject matter.

The presentation explores the causes, effects and solutions or ways of minimising global warming, in order to save our tomorrow. It will educate people about the role they can play in saving our planet. The presentation also shows how each person can help through changing everyday habits which contribute to Global Warming.

The presentation is a clarion call to every individual to save tomorrow.


30 minutes
Recommended Age:
No min or max grade set
Recommended Grade:
Grade 4 – Grade 12
English (first language) / Zulu (second language)
Curriculum Connection:
Creative Arts, Dance Studies, Dramatic Arts, Natural Sciences, Physical Sciences
Themes Covered:
Climate Change, Creativity, Environmental awareness, National/global conflicts, Relationships, Survival