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Performed by Nobulali Productions

First published in 1945, the production tells the timeless classic novel’s story; with a uniquely South African slant to ensure it has relevance and topicality for contemporary audiences.

Animal Farm has recently been selected as a nominee for the Naledi Awards Showcase organized by Assitej at the Soweto Theatre in October 2014.

Other Highlights

Animal Farm is a triumphant production that not only holds the audience enthralled, but also allows the story to unfold with a nice degree of pace, a handle on the elements of surprise and climax, a balanced blend of dark and light, a sharpness of wit and a nod to the theatre of the absurd. It is a truly rounded cultural experience that feeds the imagination, the intellect and the creative soul. – Gisele Turner, Independent writer and journalist based in Durban

Duration: 90 minutes

Age Range: 15 years - Adult

Grades: Grade 9 - Grade 11

Language(s): English

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Themes covered: , , ,

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