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Performed by ZikkaZimba Productions

Playwright: ZikkaZimba Productions and Hijinks Theatre // Director: Kirsten Harris

Human beans, come to the theatre and allow your imagination to take flight! Follow Roald Dahl as a young boy and journey with him through Mrs Pratchett’s sweet shop, his early school years and meet his favourite teacher. Plunge into scrumdiddlyumtious worlds of dirty beasts; filthsome creatures, crocky-wocks and vitches. Get ready to take a leap, a jump, and fly with us through Dahl’s magical worlds.

Audience Comments

“The magic still hovers above you even after the show, as children grab colourful paper planes from the stage, encouraging their imaginations to linger in the endless possibilities of the performance.” – Megs Kelly for Cue Media (July 5 2017)

“Excellent use of light and energy, the planes were a brilliant touch!” Audience member (aged 16-20) from National Arts Festival 2018

“I loved the creativity of Taking Flight. My kids loved the Rohald Dahl. Well done” Audience member (aged 31-50) from National Arts Festival 2018

Duration: 50 minutes

Age Range: 7 years - 12 years

Language(s): English

Curriculum Connection: , ,

Themes covered: , , , ,

Festivals Attended/Performances at:

  • South African National Arts Festival 2018

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