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ZikkaZimba Productions

ZikkaZimba was established in 2010 by Ryan Dittmann and Tim Redpath. The Idea behind ZikkaZimba is to provide a platform for creativity, especially creativity that can educate audiences.

We have focussed on theatre, specifically pieces of theatre that are being studied in schools, for example , “Woza Albert” and “Waiting For Godot”. We adapt these works to modern times and make them relevant to South Africa if need be. We have also developed many workshops for learners that include Commedia Dell arte, Epic theatre, Postmodernism and Physical Theatre (mime).

Our vision is to also branch out into film, so we can utilise both film and theatre to educate our youth audiences.


Dance, Physical theatre, Mime, Stanislavski’s method,  Writing, Comedia del arte (Theory & Practical Programmes based on the school curriculum)


Performances are available for commissioning by teachers.

Acting & Characterisation Techniques

Using voice, posture and attitude the children may explore some of the many styles and techniques in role playing and the nuances of characterisation.

Physical Performance

We offer training in physical performance varying from brief workshops to full courses in mime, clowning and stage combat.

Physical Theatre (Workshop)

We address physical theatre from its roots. We also go into basic mime, character development from a physical point of view.

Epic Theatre (Workshop)

We address the fundamentals of epic theatre from a practical view point. Tying in theory and practical.

Comedia del arte (Workshop)

Stock characters, scenarios! We link the theory and practical and develop a scenario with the students.

Exam & Full Production Assistance

We will assist with any practical teaching requirements in drama and performance be it directing, choreography or specialization coaching.

Other Services

Teacher assistance on portions of the syllabus they feel require additional assistance.

Based in:

Vanderbijlpark (Gauteng) - will travel Nationally

Contact Person(s):

Contact Name(s):

Ryan Dittmann





General Contact Details:

Physical address:

Orange Grove

Postal address:

P.O.Box 563,
Park South

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