No Monkey Business: Safety First

Performed by: arepp:Theatre for Life

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No Monkey Business: Safety First deals with basic safety, responsibility and trust.

Thandi has to go out on an errand. After teaching Mac and Vanda the rules of being alone and about strangers, she leaves. Needless to say the minute she’s gone Clarence Crocodile shows up disguised as a postman with a special surprise delivery for Mac. Fortunately, Mac manages to come to his senses just in time and Clarence’s little plot is foiled. But not for long, the ever persistent Clarence returns with a pizza, and this time he’s not taking no for an answer. But Mac is not that gullible – or is he? Instead, Clarence sells Mac some matches to cook himself supper – with predictable results. Fortunately Thandi comes home before the fire rages out of control.

This show examines the concepts of personal responsibility, personal safety and trust. It looks at the rules that we need to know in order to keep ourselves safe and why we have those rules. While dealing primarily with personal safety, the show also examines how to respond to unfamiliar people and situations, the notion of trust, and promotes looking after oneself and others. The intent is to foster the concepts of personal security and accountability for yourself and others.

The aims of the show are to leave the learner with a clear, sensible understanding of some of the more basic rules of daily life, a grasp of what responsibility and trust mean, and how to keep oneself, and others safe and out of harms way.
Study Area: Personal and Social Well-being

Social, emotional and environmental health
Relationships with other people and our environment
Values and attitudes
Diseases (HIV/AIDS)

Study Area: Creative Arts

Develop learners as creative, imaginative individuals
Provide basic knowledge and skills to participate creatively


45 minutes
Recommended Age:
No min or max grade set
Recommended Grade:
Grade R – Grade 3
English (first language) / Afrikaans (second language)
Curriculum Connection:
Creative Arts, Life Orientation/Life Skills
Themes Covered:
Choices, Group dynamics (peer pressure), Life skills, Other, Self-efficacy, Self-image