My silence is talkative

Performed by: Outreach Foundation Hillbrow Theatre

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Mphilo is a country teenage, who is born as a blessing in the eyes of the family because she has albinism. Her grandmother believes that she can cure the disease her older daughter has and that Mphilo’s body parts can make the family rich. Mpilo and her mother, Nozizwe, journey to confront the myths that allow young girls to be exploited, harassed and abused by authority figures in our communities. United they can reach beyond the wall of society’s myths. Nozizwe meets up with other women from different backgrounds and through Mphilo’s journey, they are able to better articulate their own struggles. Dlamini brings her strong directorial and aesthetic signature to the work, which does not employ the use of set, but rather uses the performers’ movement and bodies to give shape to the drama.



55 minutes
Recommended Age:
12 years+ No max grade set
Recommended Grade:
No min or max grade set
English (first language) / SA Sign Language (second language)
Curriculum Connection:
Dramatic Arts
Themes Covered:
Discrimination, Identity, Racism, Self-image