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Performed by ZikkaZimba Productions

Playwright: Laine Redpath Cole // Director: Laine Redpath Cole

A one-man show with a girl who isn’t there. A story both sad and optimistic, of love, hate and suicidal puppets.

Tim Redpath takes the audience through the wonderful story of the girl Mouche, Capitaine Coq and his travelling puppet family. Mouche tells the story of puppeteer Luc Peyrot, whose sad life has left him dark, cruel and silent and whose heart is only evident through the puppets on his hands. It’s a love story with a bit of life, death and art woven together in a charming French setting. It is entertaining, poignant, funny, and thoroughly worth seeing.

Mouche’ debuted at the South African National Arts Festival in July, 2007, and has been enchanting audiences ever since.  The show toured a very successful run in the U.K. under Sweet Entertainments at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (2009) where Tim Redpath won the Sweet Best Actor Award for his performance.  ‘Mouche’ then went on to the Short & Sweet Festival in Leicester Square in London (2009), and the Oxford Fringe Festival in March (2010).

Written and directed by Laine Redpath Cole and based on Paul Gallico’s Love of Seven Dolls

Other Highlights

Redpath is once again able to capture an entire story on his own with careful dialogue and deft physicality. Mouche is both sad and optimistic and laced with magic that will captivate you the whole way through. – Emma Nicholson - The Argus Tonight

Age Range: 13 years - Adult

Grades: Grade 8 - Grade 12

Language(s): English

Curriculum Connection: ,

Themes covered:

Awards Won:

  • Sweet Best Actor Award - Tim Redpath (Edinburgh Fringe Festival, 2009)

Festivals Attended/Performances at:

  • South African National Arts Festival (2007)
  • Edinburgh Fringe Festival (2009)
  • Short & Sweet Festival, Leicester Square, London (2009)
  • Oxford Fringe Festival (2010)

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