Untouchable Productions

Untouchable Productions was founded by Craig Morris (physical theatre maker, dancer, educator, director and writer), and Roslyn Wood-Morris (educator, choreographer, writer). Craig was awarded the MEC Gauteng Choreography and Dance Award for 2005 for Best Male Dancer in a Contemporary Style. In the same year he was nominated in the same category for four additional Dance performances. He was also selected to perform with Cirque du Soleil. Roslyn has been active in education for almost two decades. She has taught at St Mary’s School for Girls and in that time has also choreographed numerous award-winning professional theatre works.

Workshops and Services

Contact Improvisation

Constant contact & the innovation of physical instinct!

And the pleasure of dancing with someone in a spontaneous, unplanned way, free to create without disturbing one’s partner. It’s an extremely inspiring form of dance. – Steve Paxton, March 1977

Creating new, original movement vocabulary through spontaneous movement exploration.


How to construct a movement piece, the ins and outs of building movement.

Creative Movement

Accessing and nurturing creativity through movement explorations, games and exercises.


Classical and contemporary mime techniques explored!

Physical Storytelling

Characterisation and construction of physical worlds through physical theatre, mime and movement.

Physical Theatre

A broad introduction to ‘physical theatre’ techniques. From Dance to Mime and everything inbetween!

A space where dancers can act and actors can dance, where Mimes use props and actors are mute!

Stage Combat

Depicting scenes with violence through an understanding of performance Physicality.


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Bar Flies
Bar Flies

A barman, trapped by the codes of the bar that render him invisible; a flamboyantly macho cowboy, with a flair …

Recommended ages: 15 years+ No max grade set

Recommended grades: Grade 10+ No max grade set

Blood Orange
Blood Orange

Untouchable Productions presents: BLOOD ORANGE a new work Directed by Greig Coetzee Performed by Craig Morris Scripted by Greig Coetzee, …

Recommended ages: No min or max grade set

Recommended grades: No min or max grade set


Andrew Buckland directs the latest exciting offering by physical theatre performer Craig Morris. Evil is attacking the City of Gold …

Recommended ages: 13 years+ No max grade set

Recommended grades: Grade 7+ No max grade set

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