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Performed by Untouchable Productions

Playwright: Stuart Stobbs, Craig Morris and Andrew Buckland // Director: Andrew Buckland

Andrew Buckland directs the latest exciting offering by physical theatre performer Craig Morris.

Evil is attacking the City of Gold and stalking its citizens indiscriminately. Will the Fris Four, led by Captain Bliksem, be able to save them?

A heroic, physical hour of fun!

Other Highlights

HERO is soul stirring, inspiring, funny, brazenly honest and real …must be one of the most original stories at this festival… – The Star, Charles de Olim
…a hilarious one-man physical theatre show which tightened my abs and then punched me in the stomach. – Cue, National Arts Festival
Best Physical Theatre Actor. – Beeld, Schalk Schoombie
An artist so consciously engaged in the process of growth and working on performance through a seriously playful engagement with himself, his collaborators and the audience, makes the director’s job, if not easy, at least fairly simple; to have a strong input on the structure of the narrative and then not to get too much in the way. – Andrew Buckland (Director)

Duration: 65 minutes

Age Range: 13 years+

Grades: Grade 7+

Language(s): English

Curriculum Connection: ,

Themes covered: , , , , , , ,

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