Playtime Antics (co-produced by FTH:K)

Performed by: Clowns Without Borders South Africa

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Clowns Without Borders South Africa

Playtime Antics is a nonverbal clown performance for children of all ages.

In theatre one of the more impactful styles of performance is that of ‘Clowning‘. Clowning enables the performer to stay centred on the audience, being accessible to them so that he in turn can open up to them and their energy. This informs his performance, ensuring true impact.

This style together with a non-verbal presentation also asks both performer and audience member ‘to listen with their eyes’, essentially employing other sensory mechanisms in understanding and comprehending – delivering what has been hailed a truly unique and enriching theatre experience

With this year’s performance, we will be exploring relationships on the playground…relationships which we seem to encounter in adulthood as well and therefore an all to pertinent theme to explore … is it possible to form and maintain meaningful relationships regardless of our differences…can the bully, the shy girl and the smart boy in class be friends?



40 minutes plus 20 minute Q&A
Recommended Age:
6 years – Adult
Recommended Grade:
Grade R – Grade 12
Non-Verbal (first language) / SA Sign Language (second language)
Curriculum Connection:
Life Orientation/Life Skills
Themes Covered:
Abuse, Group dynamics (peer pressure), Intra/interpersonal conflicts, Other, Tolerance

Audience Comments

We really appreciate you coming to our school. Kids really enjoyed it – the interactive way you do it. You got the message over. Bullying is a major problem. Thank you so much! – School Principal, Pioneer School

Wow, wow, wow!!! The performance was very well put together and presented, we have long last seen our learners so intricately involved with performers as they were on Friday, 22 August. The simple messages were understood by learners whom we feared may not grasp the concept of the stories told. However, the students were very interactive and responded amazingly well.

On behalf of the learners, principal and staff of Merryvale School for Specialised Education here in Port Elizabeth, thank you very, very much for your wonderful performance and for bringing it to special schools – we truly appreciate your input and organization. May you go from strength to strength and grow in your contact with learners who ask for little more than to be afforded some of the opportunities we in mainstream life, so often take for granted. God bless! – Antoinette Esterhuyse, HOD: Junior Phase: Merryvale School for Specialized Education, 084 548 4558