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Performed by Pillow Fort Productions

Playwright: Devised by the cast // Director: Joanna Evans, Gabriel Marchand (Puppetry Director)

Patchwork is South Africa’s first professional show created just for 1-4 year olds. It was developed through intense research with the age group, to develop a theatrical language that meets our audience eye-to-eye, mind-to-mind. The show is designed to engage and delight the senses and imagination, promote empathy and create a bonding experience for children and their caregivers. Told through the languages of physical theatre, puppetry and live music (by Pedro The Music Man) the show is accessible to children of all languages and backgrounds.

Patchwork unfolds around a bed: the place where the comfort of home meets the strange world of dreams. In this world pillows become creatures learning to fly, a sheet dances with a life of its own, a teddy and a lamp makes best friends, and the proverbial cow jumps over the moon (as do the sheep and the dinosaur)!

The whole experience is carefully orchestrated to both calm and delight, making sure no little ones are left behind. ‘Patchwork’ promises to be a one-of-a-kind first theatre experience.

Patchwork is an experiential rather than educational show, however it will engage children on concepts such as bedtime, friendship, music, big and small, losing and finding. It will also stimulate imagination and creativity, and engage empathy and focus.

Other Highlights

Patchwork is the perfect introduction to theatre for babies…entrancing and visually engaging enough to entertain caregivers who accompany children. – Cape Times
The play is very much geared at 1 – 4 yr olds. My entranced nearly-7 loved it too…When they’re seated so close they can really read expression, feel emotion and see the performer’s hands at work … there’s a magic in that they just won’t get anywhere else. –

Duration: 45 minutes in including interaction time

Age Range: 1 year - 4 years

Grades: Grade R (max)

Language(s): Non-Verbal

Curriculum Connection:

Themes covered:

Technical Requirements:

5m x 4m playing space

Festivals Attended/Performances at:

  • 'VISIONI DI FUTURO, VISIONI DI TEATRE' Small Size festival in Bolonga, Italy
  • ‘Obs Family Festival’, Hosted by ASSITEJ SA and TAAC, Cape Town
  • ‘Cape Town Fringe Festival’, ASSITEJ Family Venue, Cape Town

Performed for the following schools:

Keurboom Nursery (Rondebosch), Jo’s School (Vrygrond), Time2gether (Pinelands), various other pre-schools in Cape Town, various other pre-schools on tour in Italy

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