Ntswaki’s Adventure

Performed by: Nandagram Ecovillage and Blue Boy Collaborative

No director listed

No playwright listed

Ntswaki’s Adventure is a puppet show with large marionettes standing about almost 1m high. The story plays off in a rural village where the sangoma decides a young boy will be the next in line for her position. He goes on a quest to decide his destiny and help save his village from ecological desaster. The show is full of adventure and humour while conveying the message of earth care and that often the sollutions to the most complex problems are very simple


40 minutes
Recommended Age:
7 years – 13 years
Recommended Grade:
Grade 1 – Grade 7
English (first language) No second language listed.
Curriculum Connection:
Creative Arts, Dramatic Arts, Life Orientation/Life Skills, Natural Sciences
Themes Covered:
Environmental awareness

Audience Comments

Best puppet show we’ve ever seen.

They have much nicer stuff than the other shows.

did the two of them do all of that?!


Festivals attended: Catalina children’s theatre festival
Schools that have seen this: Several schools in Chatsworth, Hillary and Malvern