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Theatre Thump!

Thump! a hard knock

Théâtre Thump! was born in Berlin in 2008 out of a forbidden love between two clowns: a little frog (Carole Deborde) and a big ‘Rosbif’ (Oliver Borowski). Whilst being hunted by the Teton hordes they found refuge in Bordeaux in 2009.

Their théâtre visuel is based upon their adventures: absurd, burlesque, and sometimes tragic. Artistic experimentation and exchange with different artists are the motors of the company.

For scholars to confront a project realised by a French/South African company. Therefore we offer Performances, Q&A Sessions and Workshops: After a show, an exchange between the artistic team and the scholars can be put in place : comprehension of the piece, scholars emotions, the artistic process, career being artist. Physical Theatre, Mask Theatre, Cello and French/German Language Workshops via theatre are also possible.

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White River (Mpumalanga) - will travel Nationally

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Oliver Borowski





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