KwaMashu School of Dance Theatre

The KwaMashu School of Dance Theatre, Dance studio is situated in KwaMashu Community Hall, C Phongolo Road, KwaMashu, 4359, Durban S.A.

We are a registered as non-profit organization (Registration Certificate produced on request). Income is generated through commissions and honoraria, local and international. All commissions cover the expenses of Production and Performances. The core of these performances is their innovation, their uniqueness and their creative input into the cultural lives of people. The organisation has taken into recognizance that there is not a very developed culture of theatre going in South Africa given historical and economic imbalances. The organisation nevertheless seeks to make cultural products available to a wide range of the public by actively promoting works in public spaces where there is free access or when the work is commissioned by a Public Services organization where the motive is not one of profit.

As mentioned previously in our mission statement, we are also presently making significant contributions in terms of dance education, development and performances on local, national and international levels. The organisation has set up ÔÇťOutreach Development” programme that comprises of seven-satellite dance training centers scattered between Kwa Mashu and surrounding areas in Durban. Collectively, these centers host 40 to 80 children each who receive regular dance instruction from our facilitators/teachers.

The organisation continues to produce new work under the close direction of the founder and Artistic Director Vusi Makanya.


Note: This theatre is no longer active

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KwaMashu (Durban) (KZN)

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Vusi Makhanya
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D991 Langakazi Road, KwaMashu, Durban 4360
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