FTH:K is a ground-breaking theatre company that works in the field of Visual Theatre. Without a dependency on any one language, its work crosses over cultural and linguistic divides and calls on audiences to “Listen with Your Eyes”. It has won multiple awards, toured internationally and continues to footprint in South Africa. Apart from creating work without any formal language in it; FTH:K generates opportunities for the Deaf and hearing communities to participate in and enjoy the theatre experience as equals.

Workshops and Services

Workshop – Listen with your Eyes

Ssh. Be still. Be very quiet. Be aware of where you are. Listen with your eyes…and theatre will happen. This workshops looks at some of the approaches of building theatre from scratch through an observation of the space between people and a manipulation of tension and rhythm to create highly charged meaning by playing simple games. The result? A reinvigoration of the fundamental building blocks of theatre, and a vision of truly accessible performance.

Duration: 1.5 – 3 hours (depending on level of experience)
Participants: 30 (all levels of experience – but preferably not mixed to offer a better learning experience)
Requirements: Large, clean space (Wooden floor nice, but not essential.)


Note: This theatre is no longer active

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Cape Town (WC)

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Jayne Batzofin
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