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Fresco Theatre


Physical Theatre Workshops

James Cuningham and Helen Iskander run a variety of theatre workshops, drawing on their training with Keith Johnstone (founder of Theatresports), Jacques Lecoq and John Wright as well as their considerable experience devising a wide range of new plays. Workshops are adapted according to the needs of the pupils and the focus of the curriculum. Common areas of interest include:

  • Physical animation and working with the space
  • Devising engaging narrative
  • Complicity and the ensemble
  • Physicality, the text and visual theatre
  • Character with animals and elements
  • Mime
  • Acting as a state of play and Improvisation
  • Theatre clowning
  • Stagecraft and staging principles

Based in:

Johannesburg Region F (JHB North) (Gauteng)

Has no online offerings at the moment.

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James Cuningham




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