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The Framework

The Voice of the Story

This session makes you the story teller with your voice your instrument. Exercises and activities focus on how the voice works to create the world of the story and entice others to keep listening. You’ll be surprise to find the amazing things that you can do easily with your voice, no more boring re-telling sessions to your friends. It may involve carrying a chair or even rolling on the floor. Your story will come alive and your voice will gain confidence.

This session can run at 60 or 90 minutes

di-dum di dum dum dee – Shakespeare’s Beatbox

Shakespeare is still produced all over the world and studied by just about every student in an English class at some point. WHY? He is long and boring and difficult to understand. Yes, but he was just as clever as Snoop Dog or P Diddy when it came to rhythm and he worked as hard as Steven Spielberg to produce his work. This workshop will engage the learners in the secrets behind Shakespeare’s work as well as a little about the man himself but most importantly it will get them to try for themselves the moment where language starts and communication begins.

Make funny sounds with your voice, funny shapes with your mouth and maybe swear or spit at your friend!

For Office Use: This interactive session has proved particularly good for school learners having to face Shakespeare in the classroom. It does historical and factual background as well as good examples of his work and action/participation orientated experiments with the language and it can take place in any venue without any requirements. It can vary in length between 30 – 60mins.

On your marks, get set, go! Improvisational Theatre


It all about how whatever you say or do, it will add to the 60 second scene which has to end with a dinosaur’s foot being stuck in the corner! Come and enjoy the skills of improvisation, of working in teams without time to prepare. Come and leap off the edge with other creative people and hope that if you don’t fly at least you know the landing will be soft. It’s all about how much fun you’re willing to have and how much relish you’re willing to risk.

The session can run at 60 or 90 minutes.

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