Space Rocks

Performed by: Flying House

No director listed

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JoJo and Jinks build a space craft in their bedroom and go on a magical adventure, in search of a “better planet” than Earth. They meet the extended family – from fiery Venus to jolly, gassy Jupiter, and Saturn the strict grandfather. Each planet has a gift and a lesson to help them defeat Void and Vortex, who lurk in the shadows of the galaxy. Will JoJo overcome his fear of the dark? Will his big sister let him take the controls? With a blend of mythology and science, this play is about how children learn through play, and find hidden strength within as they take their first steps towards independence. 


45 minutes
Recommended Age:
4 years – 9 years
Recommended Grade:
Grade R – Grade 5
English (first language) No second language listed.
Curriculum Connection:
Themes Covered:

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