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Performed by Masakhe

You hear music everywhere around you: on radio, on the streets, in church, but do you know how music is made? Have you ever attended a real concert? With this project, we bring jazz music to schools. Children experience South African jazz during a real concert. They get to meet and greet the musicians and their instruments. There is also room for any questions you always wanted to ask. This concert is not only great fun for children, but also for their teachers and parents. So let’s all swing to South African jazz classics and the latest songs.

Optionally the children can be prepared for this experience by a music introduction class by one of our music teachers.

As the Luthuli Museum we are thankful for the opportunity to have partnered with iSupport Music Business in conducting the fun and educational day for the children of Groutville. The programme allowed the museum an opportunity to uphold one of Chief Albert Luthuli’s values to enhance education. The programme proved to be a very fun filled day and was enjoyed as an extra mural activity for children as they learned a lot on this day.Luthuli Museum

Duration: 1 hour and 30 minute workshop

Age Range: 4 years - Adult

Grades: Grade R - Grade 12

Language(s): Non-Verbal, Non-Verbal

Curriculum Connection: ,

Themes covered:

Performed for the following schools:

Phezulu High School - Hammarsdale, Sansikane Primary School - Cato Ridge, Wiggins Primary School - Durban, Groutville High School - Groutville, Amatikulu Primary School - Amatikulu, Vilakazi Primary - Groutville, Tongaat Secondary - Tongaat, Stanger Secondary - Stanger, Eshowe High School - Eshowe

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