Bongani and the Animal Singdom

Performed by: Masakhe

No director listed

No playwright listed

Themes: introduction to music and musicians & water preservation.

Talented saxophone player Bongani the Elephant has a dream of starting a band with other jungle animals. His challenge is that there is a draught in the jungle, because it has not rained a lot and the humans are using up all the water. Making music makes you very thirsty! Bongani takes you on a journey of starting his first band, from finding his band members to composing the first songs.


1 hour and 30 minute workshop
Recommended Age:
4 years – 10 years
Recommended Grade:
Grade R – Grade 6
Zulu (first language) / English (second language)
Curriculum Connection:
Life Orientation/Life Skills, Music
Themes Covered:
Environmental awareness, Other


Schools that have seen this: Sansikani Primary School, Wiggins Primary School