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YsterOlifantWaltz (YOW)

YsterOlifantWaltz (YOW) found its Waltz in 2010. Producing shows such as WraakEngel, Ouma, The Way Out and SKOP! The company is project based and members join each project on a freelance basis. Sjaka S. September is the founder of the group and his work has been described as “brilliant, disturbed, anarchic, alienated – and sloppy.” In 2014 Sjaka started presenting his own workshops for high schools and the focus is on clowning, mime and physical theatre.


Based in:

Cape Town (Western Cape)

Has no online offerings at the moment.

Contact Person(s):

Contact Name(s):

Sjaka S. Septembir


073 255 8318



General Contact Details:

Physical address:

Blank Books Woodstock,
374 Albert Rd,
Salt Circle Arcade,
Unit 2,
Woodstock 7925

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