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Urban Arts Platform

Urban Arts Platform (UAP) is dedicated to people development through the arts while contributing to the advancement of urban renewal. We are a multidisciplinary arts organization and a registered non-profit company that began in 2010 because of a need that young and/or underprivileged artists have to develop and grow their artistic talents. UAP works with these artists in the inner-city of Johannesburg, where UAP has coordinated multiple projects and events. Here, various communities have gained access to arts and culture.

Arts Education

UAP provides workshops for young artists during our festivals and events including professional mentorship and feedback sessions.

UAP trains children from the ages of 6-16 in various arts disciplines viz. Anstey’s Kids Project

Free public events in the inner-city of Johannesburg

UAP provides multi-disciplinary arts platforms that involve:

  • artists, allowing them to be creatively freed and enabling them to positively impact the lives of others
  • audiences, bridging cultural boundaries through a unique urban experience and providing a sense of fulfilment

Based in:

Johannesburg Region F (JHB North) (Gauteng) - will travel In town only

Contact Person(s):

Contact Name(s):

Leigh Nudelman, Gina Cooperman Stoltz


072 124 4111, 072 246 0827



General Contact Details:

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General phone/fax:

072 124 4111




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