The Venda Boy Foundation

Youth, Arts & Culture

  1. The organisations main objectives are to:

  • To cultivate culture of entrepreneurship amongst youth or student in the community for self employment opportunity by theatre skills .
  • To provide training, education and arts workshop towards arts and culture students /theatre organisations. Preparing them for future career and job opportunity.
  • To provide theatre organisations with registartion, contacts , funding information the will need to develop.
  • To provide training services & development services to both female and and male youth.
  • To support youth development through arts and culture initiative and opportunities
  • To train youth and adults on economic empowerment programs.


  1. The organisation’s Secondary objectives are to:


  • To provide training career guidance and bursaries support to youth and adults.
  • To train and workshop teachers ,learners in the learning area of Arts & Culture
  • To offert ABET programs to those being disadvantaged by previous education system
  • To offer accommodation for those theatre organisations with no place topractice or rehearse.

Workshops and Services



Based in:

Bloemfontein (FS)

– will travel Provincially

with online offerings new

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