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Richard Antrobus’ OddBody Theatre – home of fun, family-friendly and youth theatre including shows like: “Far From Norm“, “Stilted“, the “Phezulu Project“, “Tshini Kwedini“, OddBody Collaborative, and other odds and ends. Please feel free to browse our website and email us with any queries, book entertainment gigs, educational workshops (child to adult) or shows.

Workshops and Services


Richard offers services and experience in performance project management, directing, choreography, community theatre development, producing, workshop facilitation, yoga instructor, mime, physical theatre, dance, acting and performance.

Clowning Around!

A workshop on finding and exploring your inner-clown. Imagination combines with fun, physicality and chaos to explore the world of the clown in all of us.

Contact Improv

This workshop aims and introducing movers/dancers to contact improvisation, using partnering and group work to explore the creative, imaginative, moving, dancing and performing bodies in improvised space and time.

(Age: Beginner to Adult)

Creative Choreography

This workshop aims at giving learners basic and creative tools and techniques for dance or movement-based choreography.

(Age: Beginner to Advanced)

Body Talk

A movement based workshop exploring basic concepts of movement, weight transfer, rhythm and flow. Using interactive partnering this workshop gives an introduction to the dancing body.

The Body Prepared

Is workshops aims at providing the performing body with tools and techniques to prepare both physically and mentally to draw focus, maintain presence and engage the audience for live performance…and Life!

Character Chaos

Tools and techniques to build and develop characterisation through the body.

Mime the Gap, Please!

A more advanced workshop into mime techniques focusing on the fixed-point, exploring the still-point, body positioning, isolations & translations as well mastering “the ladder”, “the rope”, “the walk” and more….that is of course, if you can get yourself out of your own imaginary glass box! (Senior Primary – Adult)

Mime Over Matter

A fun-filled energetic and basic introductory workshop on techniques in both classic mime and graphic mime through imagination, exploration and play. You have to believe it to see it!

(All Ages)


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Being Norm
Being Norm

Witness a day in the life of Norman. Using graphic mime, vocal effects and physical clowning, “Norman” is a light-hearted, …

Recommended ages: 10 years – Adult

Recommended grades: Grade 4 – Grade 11

The Cloud-Catcher
The Cloud-Catcher

Emily Jade was no ordinary child… She was shy and timid but adventurous and wild. She was odd-looking, unpopular but …

Recommended ages: 1 year – Adult

Recommended grades: No min or max grade set

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