The organization was established in 1996 as a drama group for learners in Zamdela. In 1999, the organization adopted the constitution renaming the group Patriots Theatre Project which was dissolved and winded up in 2005 when the members were no longer high school learners as they all went to different sectors. The members who went to tertiary arts schools came back and held a meeting in 2011 to resurrect the organization and managed to register it in 2013 as Patriots Dance Theatre at an objective of following the entire community interested in dance theatre to become the members, to expand dance and theatre into communities, creating a legacy and nurture young talent.

Patriots Dance Theatre trading as PDT it’s a firm instituted community based organization to provide dance and theatre development of young people in our townships. We are a registered non-profit organization in the Republic of South-Africa, operating from Zamdela (FS), eMalahleni one of the biggest cities in Mpumalanga. We have a reputation for high quality artistic output combined with great honesty and integrity. Collaboratively PDT creates professional caliber dance theatre with young people from advantaged and disadvantaged backgrounds, with and without a disability, nevertheless we increase emphasis on quality in all aspects of Productions and Programmes, because we are growth, development and we think beyond just funding cycle.

Various Youth within MASIHAMBISANE works of strikingly original dance theatre and its innovative Community Dance Workshop Programs and public art performances are held and performed in high esteem. The quality of MASIHAMBISANE productions is now widely recognized both in Mpumalanga and Free State, increasingly, throughout the rest of the South Africa. This growth has gathered momentum in recent National Arts Council of South Africa’s Project funding, Arts and Culture Trust Professional Development Programme with the addition of the Touring Company – a project based, full professional arm of the company / Organisation which produces smaller scale works suitable to tour nationally “JIKA”.

Patriots wants to tour and to provide a sustainable arts experience for emerging and transforming artists with or without disability who would not normally be given such an opportunity; dancers and actors who are ready to take that next step into the profession. It also meets the needs of dancers and actors who have spent up to 12 years successfully making highly original dance works with the Patriots Dance theatre. When these dancers reach the age of 30, they have to leave the MASIHAMBISANE and yet they are highly experienced performers and some aspire to a professional career. By the end of 2020 we will see the company broaching new and exciting horizons

In this triennium we aim to see the organisation take off and fly but Touring organization’s works will not be turfed out of the nest half fledged. One new touring organisation work will be produced in each triennium, with two separate creative developments before the work enters production. Artists of the highest caliber will be contracted to produce these works. The company will continue to engage closely with national and international presenters throughout the development of each new Touring Organisation work, inviting them to showings at the end of creative developments, presenting to them at performing arts markets and making sure they see the finished work. Responses to this changed strategy have already been encouraging.

There is a difference between funding which maintains the regular production of performances and workshops, and an investment in the growth of a company / Organisation to enable it to reach a more resilient level of financial existence. The organisation is seeking funding to make this investment in the longer-term viability of the works. The decision to take longer and to devote more resources to the development of new work also impacts on the MASIHAMBISANE and the Community Development Workshop Programs.

Patriots Dance Theatre will ensure that these core elements of the Organization continue to improve, spread and; instilled on their already high standards. The MASIHAMBISANE will continue to produce one new work a year but creative developments for the new works will be held in the preceding year. The addition of more specialised staff will boost the effective functioning of the Organisation and Community Development Workshop Programs.

Give me this much in order for me to make this much so that I don’t come to you again with the same request year after year. Let us build a sustainable investment (together) – Gregory V Maqoma

Our Vision is to present unexpectedly real dance theatre works in multiple mediums to diverse audiences around the world.

Can everyone here make the commitment to being an agent for change? But most importantly can the Gauteng Department of Sport, Arts and Culture and Recreation is going to make sure that all our dreams and resolutions are realized. It’s no longer only about dreaming, but the realization that everything that we all are responsible for doing what needs to be done in order to make this a thriving industry. – 31 October 2014 Opening remarks by David April on the dance Indaba

Workshops and Services

  • Development of the Arts & Culture in Community
  • Dance & Theatre Workshops
  • Community Events & Programs
  • Creation of Performing Art works; Dance & Theatre

Creative: Innovation & Competitiveness

  • By ensuring access to the services, more youth will gainfully occupied and less likely to engage in anti-social behaviour.
  • To tell those who did not get the opportunity of schooling, that in time their lives will be characterized by much, much more than creeping accumulation of small and periodic blessing.
  • Acknowledge cultural diversity and promoting unity by affirming, conserving and celebrating people’s way of life while striving for moral renewal in our society “eMalahleni” & “Steve Tshwete”
  • It will serve to uplift the moral of youth people and inspire them to take action.
  • Improved quality of life through morally balanced, sustainable development and service excellence; education, awareness & nation building,


  • The youth will have gained knowledge that is more practical how to access rituals, traditions, morals, programs, resources, and opportunities available as for working in the holly space in the duration of 8 hours on 5 weekdays will be great move to keep youth involved.
  • By ensuring access to the services, more youth will gainfully occupied and less likely to engage in anti-social behaviour.
  • Skills development and Transferring : specific management skills and unlocked-creative skills developed
  • Income Generating

Nation Building:

  • The stabilizing and consolidation of creative arts sector by means of capacity building and skills transfer will be one of the achievements through this program as far as Mpumalanga is a diverse province.
  • The Ndebele, Swazi, Northern Sotho and so on these nation will be amused and reformed as one solid nation
  • Respectfully honoring the standard of {Cultural Heartland and Pioneering Spirit} all the dominating nation in our province will be Reformed
  • Acknowledge cultural diversity and promoting unity by affirming, conserving and celebrating people’s way of life while striving for moral renewal in our societies “eMalahleni & Steve Tshwete Municipality”

Social Cohesion

  • Creating & Infusing learning culture between indigenous nations to empower people to make informed decisions; eradicating segregation, Racism

Audience Development

  • Develop and Maintain arts, culture / heritage  audiences


Contact Person(s):

Nkosiyami A Ngubane (Managing Director), Lehlohonolo V Mokejane (Artistic Director)
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+27 81 726 5348

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1550 Hectorway Street/Road, Lynnville, eMalahleni 1039
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PostNet Suit: # P110, P/Bag X 7260, Witbank 1035
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Patriots Dance Theatre, Nkosiyami Abednigo Khosi Ngubane, Styx Mokejane
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