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Mzansi Theatre Projects Advancement


Mzansi Theatre Project Advancement is a theatre organization based in a small township outside Pietermaritzburg called Kwa-Pata. Mzansi Theatre Projects is the initiator of an innovative Studio Theatre situated at the backyard in a Township. Studio Theatre is a platform for young and upcoming theatre practitioners where every second and last Friday of the month a platform is opened for local and provincial art artist to stage their shows. We are the organization committed to writing and producing arts work that speaks to the reality our community is experiencing every day.

Mzansi Theatre Project Advancement is registered as a Non-Profit Organization, a Non Profit Company, as well as a Public Benefit Organization PBO.

  1. Main objectives 
  1. To create a competent theatre industry in the Pietermaritzburg region and the UMgungundlovu District Municipality.
  2. To use Performing Arts as a medium to address the broader social pathologies and disadvantaged communities.
  3. To make the physical space accessible, approachable and optimally functional through the Design a 12 month theatre program where theatre groups from around KwaZulu Natal can perform their theatre shows.
  4. To organize periodical training programs on acting skills, Directing skills, Script- writing skills and basic Arts Management skills which shall contribute to the equipping of performers with the necessary skills to prepare them and make them competitively ready for the professional theatre industry.
  5. Create a platform for networking programs for Actor, Directors, Educator and Administrators in the performing Arts in the Pietermaritzburg and beyond through linking them with the national and SADAC arts industry.
  6. Organize a one week intensive Writers and directors Residency programme for theatre directors and writers.
  7. Commission 4 professional showcase for a period of a year.


Duration : 45 Minutes
Cast : 6 Actors
Set in : Present

The African Child is the future of all Africans. The true Identity of Africans relies on the teachings, culture and values of all Africans. The spirit of UBUNTU has been one of the founding principles of the True Identity of Africans. Africans are known for its respect of their elders. This play seeks to investigate where are we as Africans? What went wrong with us Africans to lose Dignity, Respect and Our values? This play goes deeper with the interrogation of the impact of Christianity in the LAND. This story is told through the journey of Boy Nkathazo who is searching for his true Identity. His mother is mentally challenged. He is on a quest of finding his father, Tragedy happens when he finds his true father which led to the death of his Father. We see the wisdom of African ancestral spirit which leads the journey towards the healing of Boy Nkathazo. The story uses the C story telling technique. The play uses live music, dance and powerful poetic monologues. This is a powerful physical theatre peace which keeps the audience on the edge of their seats. Can Nkathazo Find peace and forgiveness? Can Petros (Nkathazo’s Father) Reunite with the ancestors.


Petros Mwelase :                  35 year old man, father to Nkathazo. In the play he is a deceased trying to connect                                                         spiritually with his son. Throughout the play he is in his grave.
Dolly Mwelase :                   29 year old women, mother to Nkathazo. Dolly is a mentally disturbed woman who                                                        from time to time gains back her mentality.
Nkathazo :                            17 year old who is in the journey of finding his father and makes a terrible mistake                                                         which leads to finding him in an even harder journey of trying to find peace and                                                             healing in his heart.
Khondlo :                            The chief Ancestor believed to be the most prominent leader of the Mwelase clan.                                                          Khondlo tells together with Mtombose through song and dance.
Mtombose :                        Sister to chief Ancestor Khondlo. Mtombose tells together with Khondlo through song                                                 and dance.                            

Based in:

Pietermaritzburg (KwaZulu Natal) - will travel Nationally

Has no online offerings at the moment.

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Ndumiso Mazibuko




081 346 5322


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2276 Pata Location
Edendale East

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081 346 5322





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