Kokkelollies is a 45 minute show in English or Afrikaans.

The Rainbow Mother tells the stories of the different characters that live on the Rainbow:

  • Ping – the clever Kokkelollie
  • Flop-Flobba – the lame one
  • Boing-Boing – the one with the funny legs
  • Tickly Toes – he has five feet!
  • Headoverhills – the busy one
  • The Poppedollies – they are girl-Kokkelollies and always giggling and making fun
  • Ghobbelot – the greedy one
  • Aqualollie – the shy and scared one
  • The Fandangies – a dancing group
  • The Mockaboos – dirty and naughty creatures living in the land of Darkness under the Rainbow
  • The Kokkelcaterpillar – telling the life cycle of a butterfly….and many more telling children from 2-10 about life skills, healthy living, wonderful creatures and much more.


Based in:

Kleinmond (WC)

Contact Person(s):

Kobie Coetzee
072 867 0947
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84 10th Avenue, Kleinmond, South Africa
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PO Box 266, Kleinmond, 7195
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The Kokkelollies of Rainbowland
The Kokkelollies of Rainbowland

Recommended ages: 2 years – 10 years

Recommended grades: Grade R – Grade 4

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