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Healing Earth Scars

Creating Green Footprints

Back Ground:

This was born during the Miss Earth programme in 2016 where Shelani van Niekerk learnt about global warming in great detail and how our behaviour today affects the future. Many people do know about this concept, but once you see the affects it has in your own community, how close it really is, then it becomes less of a concept and more of a reality. In Southern Africa we are on the lower scale of contributors to global warming, but we are experiencing the effects of it : Summers become more and more hot, more fires that burn our biodiversity in the Western Cape, (those caused by the heat), our water shortage, especially in Cape Town.  We also experience other dire environmental issues such as our our local animals species and bird life become more and more endangered. We have no concept about an ‘ecosystem’ anymore and that we need a healthy one to survive. Healthy ecosystem means healthy planet and healthy animals. Without this, we cannot live.

Aim : To create a sustainable difference in communities, teaching children to care for the earth and themselves, leaving a greener future for them to inherit.

Objective: Using theatre, social skills and creative skills as a medium to teach children to care for the earth and themselves.



“The recycling Adventures of Reece” is a children show that teaches children ages 4- 9 about Re-ducing, Re-using and Up-cycling. Uplifts and inspires children to care for the earth. Conveys those educational concepts through story-telling, magic and up-cycling materials.


Hosting Up-cycling/Re-cycling/Re-using workshops and activities that help with children’s coordination in crafting exercises, aids in imagination, creativity and thinking capability. For example: to design and to make something new.

Explanations of the concepts and examples are also shown as a part of the workshops.


Based in:

Cape Town (Western Cape) - will travel Nationally

Contact Person(s):

Contact Name(s):

Shelani van Niekerk (Director)





General Contact Details:

Physical address:

Portion 181 Firlands Gordon's Bay
Cape Town
Western Cape
South Africa

Postal address:

P.O Box 244
Gordon's Bay
South Africa

General enquiries:

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