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Since its inception in January 1995 The Forgotten Angle Theatre Collaborative (FATC) has enjoyed an extremely busy and prolific career. FATC has been instrumental in collaborating with an extensive number of South Africa’s leading contemporary dance and theatre professionals. FATC has consistently collaborated with performers, choreographers, educators and theatre practitioners to present top quality theatre and training programs at both a national and an international level.

FATC and its collaborating artists have repeatedly been recognized for their excellence in the field of contemporary South African choreography and performance through numerous awards and nominations. FATC has committed itself to creating contemporary South African dance theatre that focuses on questioning and investigating critical personal and social issues. As a result of this work FATC has become acknowledged as South African’s leading contemporary dance company in addressing the overwhelming presence of HIV and AIDS in contemporary South African society. FATC has been referred to as a leading voice in the emergence of the new South African “protest/struggle” and issue based dance theatre.

The company is dedicated to the creation of innovative and provocative South African dance as well as the training and skills development of young and emerging dance performers, choreographers and educators.

Alongside its vibrant repertoire, that is informed by a commitment to making work that questions and investigates critical personal and social issues, FATC is actively engaged in the training of young artists in a dynamic Community Based Outreach Programme.

The Forgotten Angle Theatre Collaborative has extensive experience in teaching workshops to learners at a primary and secondary level and has developed a School’s workshop programme that is designed in alignment with the Arts and Culture Curriculum.  These workshops not only provide support and supplementary assistance to Arts and Culture educators, but give learners an opportunity to engage with aspects of the curriculum in an immersive and dynamic way.  All workshops are led by a vibrant and professional team of facilitators.


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PJ Sabbagha, Education Officer
082 560 9687 (PJ Sabbagha), 073 527 5855 (Education Officer)
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Rehearsal Room B, Con Cowan Theatre Complex, University of Johannesburg, Bunting Road Campus, Auckland Park, Johannesburg 2000
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5 Phoenix Road, Selcourt Springs, 1559
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Works from Forgotten Angle Theatre repertoire
Works from Forgotten Angle Theatre repertoire

Recommended ages: 16 years+ No max grade set

Recommended grades: Grade 10 – Grade 12

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