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Dark Laugh

Dark Laugh Theatre

Dark Laugh is a creative collection of artists, actors, designers and theatre makers that was formed in 2003. The collective boasts the talents of Mongi Mthombeni, Taryn Bennett, Jaques Da Silva, Alison Green and Daniel Buckland who have been constantly building a body of high quality theatre work since the company’s inception. Their works include the award winning The Butcher Brothers, Dr Collingers Funeral Service, Kaput, and The God Complex  among others.

Their aims and objectives revolve around a stylistic unity and a commitment not only to visual theatre, but to using physical theatre to contrast and intertwine the comic and the tragic, provoking spectators to laugh at the profoundly sad and to weep at the transcendent hilarity of reality.


Chorus and Ensemble work- 3 hrs, the participants learn how to function as one living breathing theatrical storytelling unit and are given insight into how to command the audiences focus, becoming, the highest form that an actor can achieve: A complete complicit member of the chorus.

Mime- 3 hrs, This workshop breaks physical movement into its raw primary colours and then engages the imagination of the participant to utilise these colours to paint a vast creative and spectacular invisible landscape.

Theatre Design-1 ½ hrs, introducing learners to the idea and concept of theatrical design, by uncovering a process of observation and delight in conveying the world on stage. Assisting in exploring visual representation and investigating the ordinary and the unusual, as the learner embarks on a magical journey of creation in the world of theatre.

Stage Combat, the learners utilize their bodies in creative imaginative ways to create physically dynamic stories on stage.

Physical Story Telling and Physical Theatre-  Physical articulation, fixed point exercises, graphic mime and physical expression

Mask making

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Johannesburg Region F (JHB North) (Gauteng) - will travel In town only

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Alison Green


072 599 5716



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27 9th Avenue, Melville, Johannesburg

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