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Creative Voices is now one of the flagship projects of ASSITEJ SA. It is an integrated arts project, which assists teachers in schools to empower learners to work effectively in the compulsory Creative Arts arena. The project was originally a separate NGO and a founder member of ASSITEJ SA, initiated through a collaboration between the National School of the Arts, Johannesburg, and the Royal Opera House, London, made possible through the support of the Donald Gordon Foundation. It has now been integrated into the framework of ASSITEJ SA in order to ensure continuity and rationalise for sustainability.

Creative Voices has, since 2001, filled a critical niche in the South African education sector. Many children in South African schools do not receive adequate nurturing of their creative potential. Teachers remain under resourced, lacking the training or know-how to tackle drama, music, dance or visual arts in keeping with the changing curriculum. While the government undertakes the enormous task of redressing the historical imbalances in the education system, many schools struggle to carry out quality arts education.

Additionally, audience development has long been earmarked as an area of concern for the theatre industry in the country as poverty, lack of awareness or access to cultural events keeps audiences away from theatre seats.

Creative Voices responds to both of these areas of concern. It provides a comprehensive, user-friendly and accessible methodology that teachers can use to develop theatre-making skills in learners, and nurture a theatre-literate audience for the future.

The project aims to provide teachers with the training and support needed to assist their classes in exploring all aspects of the Creative Arts curriculum through skillsbuilding and the creation and production of pieces of entirely original musical theatre.

Schools that are interested in receiving Creative Voices training should contact ASSITEJ SA at 012 822-0070 or via email


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