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Buzz Drama, Dance and Singing Workshops

The company was founded by director Henneke Rauch in 2012. Buzz offers regular and once off in-school and after-school interactive themed drama, dance and singing workshops for children between 5-9 years. The aim is to develop children’s confidence, communication skills, concentration and coordination. The workshops use creative play, and are high energy and fun with up to 30 children at a time.

BUZZ is a NEW kind of Drama, Dance and Singing School for South Africa. Exclusively for 5-9 year olds, we are DEDICATED to apply Drama, Dance and Singing for the DEVELOPMENT of the Child.

Our aims are to Develop Confidence, Communication Skills, Concentration and Coordination in kidz through the BEST fun, friendly, high energy, creative, interactive, THEMED Drama, Dance and Singing Workshops.

Children are up on their feet, engaged and participating with their full selves. They are led through improvised play and their creativity is stimulated in new and exciting ways. All workshops are themed and children go on an imaginary journey with highly trained workshop leaders.

Buzz products on offer:

  • Regular Weekly Workshops
  • Curriculum Based Drama Workshops for the Foundation Phase
  • Buzz Themed Drama Workshops
  • Buzz Specialized Drama Workshops
  • Themed Buzz Children’s Birthday Parties

Interactive workshops for children in:

  • Drama
  • Dance
  • Singing


  • Ages: 5-9
  • Grades: 0-3

Duration of workshops: Vary


  • English

Curriculum Connection: Dramatic Arts, Creative Arts, Performing Arts, Afrikaans

Themes: All themes are CAPS curriculum-aligned, and specialized themes are designed. Visit for a full list of themes and services.

Regular Weekly Workshops

Themes alternate every 6 months. These take place at Buzz Venues listed under workshop section with full details for booking FREE trial class. Workshops are INTERACTIVE and are lead by 2 highly trained workshop leaders with up to 25 children at a time. Each workshop runs for 60 minutes and includes DRAMA, DANCE and SINGING. Roosevelt Park, Fourways, Parktown North, Sandton, Northcliff, expanding soon. Children from 5 – 9 are invited to trial a FREE Drama, Dance and Singing Workshop. Should the Child wish to continue, sign ups are for 10 weeks at a time.

Buzz promotes: Confidence, Communication Skills, Concentration and Coordination through Creative DRAMA, DANCE AND SINGING WORKSHOPS. Best fun children will have all week. BOOKING IS ESSENTIAL: 011 0252525 email: Spaces are limited. Book your Free Trial now!

Buzz currently runs weekly hour long workshops at 2.30 pm and 3.30 pm in the following venues:

Mondays: Roosevelt Park at the Roosevelt Park Recreation Centre, Cnr of Anton van Wouw and Preller Drive – Cycad Room

Tuesdays: Fourways at Norscot Manor Recreation Centre, Penguin Drive, Fourways – Billiard Room

Wednesdays: Parktown North at the Parktown North Methodist Church, 64 7th Avenue, Parktown North – Hall

Thursdays: Sandton at the Field and Study Centre, Louise Avenue, Parkmore – Room 3

Fridays: Northcliff at Berario Recreation Centre, Corner of Dolores and King Street, Northcliff

Buzz Birthday Parties

Children are taken on an imaginary themed, interactive adventure. High energy fun and games!

Special Themes Age Appropriate Drama Workshops

Buzz is also able to tailor design an interactive Drama, Dance and Singing Workshop according to the needs of your School or Organisation. We could offer help with Enrichment programs or Cultural events at the school. For more information, do not hesitate to Contact us.

Buzz Themed Drama Workshops

Each Six month Buzz introduces a new Theme to its Regular Drama, Dance and Singing Workshops offered in independently run venues. These themes have their very own original songs and dance routines developed especially. Find out more on the Themes page. To establish Creative Relationships with schools, introduce our Buzz Workshop style to schools, expose ourselves to local communities, these workshops are offered free of charge to schools and other organisations. Booking is essential and budget to offer these limited, so get in touch.

BUZZ (Curriculum Based) Drama Workshops for the Foundation Phase

In the Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS) document the subject Life Skills in the Foundation Phase has been organised into 4 study areas: Beginning Knowledge, Personal and Social Well-being, Creative Arts and Physical Education. Buzz has addressed needs in these areas for each grade group and developed INTERACTIVE Drama workshops based on the requirements of the Curriculum.

How do we achieve this?

ALL Grade R, Grade 1, Grade 2 and Grade 3 Workshops work with the CAPS’ LIFE SKILLS DOCUMENT. Its purpose is to AID teaching in as far as it

  • Supports Beginning Knowledge learned in class. (1st Study Area –Life Skills Grade R – 3)
  • Educates about Personal and Social Well-being through CREATIVE and INTERACTIVE Drama based activities designed around CAPS topics. As appropriate relating to issues of nutrition, disease including HIV/AIDS, safety, violence, abuse and environmental health. (2nd Study Area – Life Skills Grade R – 3)
  • All workshops are designed to help the child develop strong SOCIAL & EMOTIONAL health and good relationships with OTHER PEOPLE & THE ENVIRONMENT. This is achieved through Buzz’ unique system of APPLYING Drama, Dance and Singing to achieve the PRIMARY objective of all our work: developing CONFIDENCE & COMMUNICATION skills in Children. (3rd and 4th Study Area – Life Skills Grade R – 3)
  • Buzz INTERACTIVE Curriculum based Drama Workshops EXPOSE & ENGAGE Children with 3 of the 4 Art Forms outlined in the CAPS Document: Drama, Dance and Music. Every stage of the workshop helps develop learners as CREATIVE & IMAGINATIVE individuals and helps them develop an appreciation of the arts. Teachers are encouraged to do reflective art in class after Buzz workshop to aid learning and engage visual art. (3rd Study Area –Life Skills Grade R – 3)
  • Buzz INTERACTIVE Curriculum based Drama Workshops encourages children to draw on their OWN EXPERIENCES & OBSERVATIONS, come up with their OWN IDEAS, and use their SENSES & EMOTIONS. These are all vital outcomes outlined in the recent CAPS document for the Foundation Phase. (3rd Study Area – Life Skills Grade R – 3)
  • A Buzz INTERACTIVE Workshops ENSURES that children are exposed to Performing Arts in the Foundation Phase and allowed the opportunity to creatively communicate, dramatise, sing, make music, dance and explore movement. Through the performing arts learners develop their physical skills and creativity. (3rd and 4th Study Area – Life Skills Grade R – 3)
How do the Workshops Run?

Workshops are run in a clear, safe and secure space on the school’s premises, preferably the School Hall. Workshops are designed for each class to enjoy at a time. As it is interactive, no more than 30 children can participate at a time. Buzz and the School / organisation will schedule participating classes’ timeslots around the school’s timetable. Workshops run between 20 minutes and 50 minutes at a time, depending on the age group and topic. Workshops are led by one or two trained Buzz Workshop leaders.

Topic List.
Grade R Curriculum Based INTERACTIVE Buzz Drama Workshops:
  • All of ME at School each Day
    • CAPS topics addressed: Me, At School, In the Classroom, Days of the Week, My Body, Healthy Living
    • CAPS topics addressed: Sound, Sight, Touch, Taste and Smell
    • CAPS topics addressed: Water, Fruit, Vegetables, Dairy Farming, Wool Farming
    • CAPS topics addressed: Birds, Reptiles, Dinosaurs, Wild Animals, Finding out about one wild animal
Grade 1 Curriculum Based INTERACTIVE Buzz Drama Workshops:
    • CAPS topics addressed: Me, At School, Healthy Habits
    • CAPS topics addressed: Safety in the home, My body, Keeping my body safe
    • CAPS topics addressed: My community, Manners and Responsibilities
    • CAPS topics addressed: water
Grade 2 Curriculum Based INTERACTIVE Buzz Drama Workshops:
  • ME, YOU, US
    • CAPS topics addressed: Myself and others, Everyone is Special, Healthy Living, Religious days and other special days
    • CAPS topics addressed: Animals, Animals that live in water, Animal Homes
    • CAPS topics addressed: Transport, Road Safety
    • CAPS topics addressed: Our country, ways we communicate, Religious days and other special days
Grade 3 Curriculum Based INTERACTIVE Buzz Drama Workshops:
  • ONE ME
    • CAPS topics addressed: About me, Feelings, Health Protection, Keeping my Body Safe, Rights and Responsibilities, Religious days and other special days
    • CAPSs topics addressed: Recycling
    • CAPS topics addressed: Pollution, Public Safety

Booking is essential.

Based in:

Johannesburg Region F (JHB North) (Gauteng) - will travel Provincially

Contact Person(s):

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Hanneke Rauch



011 025 2525


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