Aweh Theatre is a hip and happening children’s theatre company. Our mission is to activate and cultivate the arts by staging unique theatre works and developing the youth through arts education. Our Aweh Theatre Academy, a free arts program, has been buzzing at St. Theresa’s Home for Boys since 2013.

Founded by theatre actress and arts educator Shona Johnson, the curriculum is exclusively created for approximately thirty orphans from St. Theresa’s home for boys and ten children from neighbouring schools and the Sydenham community. Students from outside the home audition at an open class each year and are guaranteed free arts education based on attendance and participation. Many of our students have learning difficulties. However, in the realm of drama, creativity is key and all students are encouraged to participate in their weekly classes. This year, our curriculum included speech, mime, open scenes, scripted African stories and even involved Laban movement! This initiative is not funded but continues to develop the youth at no cost. We view ourselves as partners with our community and environment and aim to be an acclaimed brand name. Our goal is moderate growth, annual profitability and spreading theatre aweh-ness to all.

Each year, we host a year end showcase to demonstrate our students’ skills and talents. Our students choose their theme and are instrumental in the development of the play. Last year, we staged STOP BULLYING. Our students were determined to share their experiences and to raise aweh-ness about the rife issue of bullying. This year is no different. Our students have decided to express their views about GROWING UP. Some of the issues voiced on stage are: peer pressure; growing up in a technological/social media environment; intense workloads at school; their insecurities surrounding the opposite sex; anxiety caused by demanding parents and questions about the future and what they will be when they grow up.

Our students are energetic, outspoken and incredibly creative. We hope to make enough money from door sales and fundraisers and hopefully gain some sponsorship to insure the sustainability of this necessitous project. Aweh Theatre! Aweh!

Workshops and Services

Aweh Theatre runs the Aweh Theatre Academy, a free arts academy that teaches speech, craft and drama to underprivileged kids at St Theresa’s Home for boys. As a theatre company we provide storytelling shows to young children in preschool and junior primary schools at a small cost. The Aweh Theatre Academy, a school of approximately thirty students aged 6 -12, stage an annual showcase. The theme of each piece is chosen by the students in order to highlight issues they face daily. We plan to stage these plays in the future to share them with more children who may be facing similar challenges.


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