About Amaciko KwaZulu Art Project 283-714 NPO
Amaciko KwaZulu Art Project is an organisation which was form in 2020 by the
group of artists with the aim to taking art to the world, Amaciko KwaZulu Art Project
is an organisation that deals with art enlarge they bare committed in visual art and
other performing art sectors. They produce valuable work that serve information
while using art to educate and tell untold story using their talents.
Amaciko KwaZulu Art Project are cable to tackle and dominate in different art forms
as they have qualified art practitioner who received best training and education in art

Workshops and Services

• Provide knowledge and valuable information to help others artist to reach their goals
• Empower others artist
• To become a well-established organisation that offers unique stories
• Host workshops that will benefit upcoming artists
• Heal nation with art
• To give everyone the power create and share ideas and artistic products without facing more barriers
• We want to end community curiosities by serving potent information using art.
• Making the arts accessible to everyone.
• introducing young new talent
• Creating social cohesion with our stories
• Improving our literacy skills
• Create sharp actors with discipline


Based in:

Ulundi (AKA Mahlabathini) (KZN)

– will travel Nationally

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Physical address :
Mkhazane, South Africa
Postal address :
P.o box 1954
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