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Arts Education Advocacy Toolkit

This document by the Kennedy Centre looks at the habits of effective arts education advocates and provides valuable advice about networking and advocacy for arts educators. A comprehensive and useful tool which can easily be adapted to the South African context.

Strega Nona – A musical (Gr 1-3)

This booklet gives a teacher advice on how to work with Grade 1-3 learners to create a musical called "Strega Nona" and how to use the activities in making the musical to develop language, maths, social studies, science and creative arts skills.

The Qualities of Quality

This USA-based report focuses on the complex factors, actors and settings that must be aligned in order to achieve quality in arts education. Its findings are of definite relevance to South Africa. It explores questions such as how is high quality arts learning and teaching defined? what markers of excellence do educators and administrators look for in the actual activities? how do the foundational decisions as well as the day to day decisions impact on the achievement of quality teaching and learning?


UNESCO Road Map for Arts Education

This document is designed to create a universal common understanding about the importance of arts education and its essential role in improving the quality of education. It emphasizes that creative and cultural development should be a basic function of all education.


Assitej international website


Young At Art Toolbox

Toolbox is a free online resource to make using arts with children in classrooms easy and fun. The materials are written by experienced artists with help from education professionals. Toolbox lets you choose when and how you want to use the workshops.

Toolbox shows how arts can be a practical tool for delivering the enriched curriculum. Toolbox is free with no registration or download fee and no limit on how often you use it. To register, go to


Cultivating Demand for the Arts

Arts learning, arts engagement and state arts' policy – a framework for understanding supply, access and demand, enabling engagement with the arts, support infrastructure for youth arts education and for adult arts learning.

Partnering Arts Education

A collection of essays dealing with "what is left behind" after arts education practices and processes have ended.

Planning an Arts centred School

A handbook for schools which focus on the arts, based on US models of excellence.


Revitalising Arts Education

Revitalising Arts Education through community wide coordination provides strategies for improving access and quality of arts education, sparking and sustaining coordination across providers and influencers as well as six community case studies.


New Models New Money

International research report on support for the arts and accessing private and public sponsorship.


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