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The Playdough

Supporting parents with children ages 7-12 with mastery of core-skills and real-world projects to better prepare kids for the future.

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The learning Trust

These resources are not a substitute for the CAPS-aligned academic content made available on national and provincial government websites; but rather an extra-curricular and extended-learning compliment to the plethora of curricular resources already out there.

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Kids Cave

Kids cave is sharing lots of activities from children from 2-5 and 6-12. These are art, yoga, pilates, tech, science, cooking and other activities. They also shared some videos of story readings for children. They have shared examples of a schedule for both age groups that parents could follow day to day as they support […]

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School Club

School Club is an influential and dynamic public-private educational platform. It reaches over two million learners and their families each year. Workbooks, posters, recognition stickers, certificates and other learner, teacher and support materials are provided to schools for free through this programme.

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Young At Art Toolbox

Toolbox is a free online resource to make using arts with children in classrooms easy and fun. The materials are written by experienced artists with help from education professionals. Toolbox lets you choose when and how you want to use the workshops. Toolbox shows how arts can be a practical tool for delivering the enriched […]

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