Woza Africa! Educational Resource

This Toolkit was designed by Yvette Hutchison to introduce teachers, theatre groups and students anywhere in the world to a wide range of African approaches to storytelling, historical and cultural frames of reference, and ways of being in the world. For Drama, Theatre, English, History, Geography, Cultural Studies courses, or just for fun.

A series of webinars in different aspects of the response to COVID: facilitating workshops online; making collaborating and rehearsing work digitally; works in leadership adaptation – how to lead during COVID; digital adaptation – how to “go digital”; arts practice adaptation – how to work at this time…

Webinars about different elements of working online in TYA – taking programming online, virtual theatre games, virtual special needs classrooms, independent artists, virtual drama classes, licensing TYA titles for streaming, virtual community meetings

Online streaming of plays, Resource Packs List (downloadable PDFs that accompany the plays. Serve as teaching tools). Videos of behind-the-scenes and how-to’s.

Short children’s stories told by colourful characters. These videos are great for parents and young children.

Mobile App for African stories and books (first 10 are free then a payment per month)

Disney has produced education packs based on some of their most popular productions such as The Lion King, Aladdin, Frozen, Mary Poppins, and more. These resources are great for primary school learners and include worksheets, videos, and podcasts.

On this channel children and adults can listen to the folktales that inspire Jungle Theatre’s work, narrated by their talented cast!

Discover a universe of stories with Roundafire and have your kids enjoy the magic of story and read across different genres. They will also be able to read in their mother tongues. The App is intended to contain a mixture of stories in some of our official languages.

This booklet gives a teacher advice on how to work with Grade 1-3 learners to create a musical called "Strega Nona" and how to use the activities in making the musical to develop language, maths, social studies, science and creative arts skills.

Theatre 4 Youth